Commercial Contracts and Torts

In business, most of the time deliveries arrive on schedule, partners follow through on their commitments, and companies do not compete by using illegal or unethical means.  But what happens when a company breaches a contract and it causes economic injury to others?

At Baylaw, LLC, we have seen what happens when a business relationships completely break down and business owners can no longer work productively, and we know how the legal process addresses broken promises between businesses and individuals.  Our attorneys have significant experience in evaluating commercial contracts and transactions to achieve resolution in a timely matter.   We also have the skill and knowledge evaluate the potential for any tort remedies or defenses that may available to our clients.  We act as zealous advocates for your cause and seek speedy resolution through alternative dispute approaches and litigation.

In commercial contracts, the stakes can be very high — possibly even economic life and death for a business.  Clients need legal representation that anticipates the course of a case and makes recommendations accordingly.  We hope that you will consider contacting us to discuss your matter — we will do our best to bring it to the most favorable conclusion.