Civil Litigation & Dispute Resolution

In the United States there are many alternative systems for the resolution of disputes.  There are state and federal courts, formal and informal arbitration and mediation systems, and, of course, negotiation and settlement.  There are powerful pros and cons to all of these options.  For instance, government backed courts are essentially free to users, but representation in the courts can be expensive and justice can be slow.  For arbitration and mediation, the proceedings are private, and may more expedient, but there are often significant up-front fees for the arbitrator or mediator, and there may not be an enforceable resolution at the end of the day.  In every forum there are rules and procedures, case law, contract and statutory authority, and facts that are subject to human interpretation.

How does one find a way through such a murky environment?  The answer is simple: representation that is familiar with the issues, rules and venue, and that is willing to work hard for you.  At Baylaw, LLC we provide dispute resolution and civil litigation with a specialized focus on: Admiralty and Maritime, Riparian Rights and Waterfront Property, Insurance Defense and Coverage, Commercial Contracts and Torts, Class Action  law.  You will find our lawyers in state and federal court on many types of cases, but in these areas we bring an additional set of strengths.

Many times we are asked by prospective clients to assess the likely outcome of a case.  To provide such an assessment, we must know the facts of what occurred, the governing law, the rules of procedure, and even then there is often no easy answer.  If you have discussed your case with an an attorney that describes the case as simple or clear cut, you should seek a second opinion.

If you have a matter that requires representation, we invite you to contact us.  We do not handle some areas of the law but our attorneys are always available to evaluate your claim.  If we cannot take your case, we can often assist in locating an attorney in the practice area that you require.