Maryland Boat Lien Sales and Marina Collections

Maryland marinas and marine businesses have a number of options to collect on unpaid bills.  Baylaw, LLC offers competitive rates to conduct lien sales. We have the legal expertise to assure that you select the right method to ensure the greatest return with the least likelihood of ending up worse a write off.

Maryland Boat Lien Sales:

Three reasons to use Baylaw, LLC to conduct lien sales:

Baylaw LLC Lien Sales
Baylaw Marina Collections

1. We know when the best option is to hold an auction, use the abandoned boat process, arrest a vessel under federal maritime law or simply sue for the amount due. We also know when to tell you that your best option is to walk away and not pursue the debt.

2. The Marina or Marine Business can always negotiate with its customers.  We never stand in the way of a negotiation. We never tell owners that they have to pay our fees to get their boat.  Your customer is your customer.

3. We will not put you at risk for claims of unfair debt collection or consumer protection act violations, and if litigation ever does arise, we will know what to do.

Four Options:

There are four basic options if the boat owner will not pay: 1) conduct a lien sale; 2) seek title as an abandoned boat; 3) arrest the boat under federal maritime law; or 4) file suit against the owner in state or federal court.   Each of these options has its pros and cons.  Baylaw, LLC can help you decide which is appropriate for your situation.

1) Maryland boat lien sales: The most important facts for a lien sale are that you have possession of the boat and the owner’s bill is unpaid at least 30 days.  If those facts are present, and the boat is not a federally documented boat, then a lien sale is a good option.  Notice of the sale must be sent to the owner and secured lienholders and the sale must be conducted in a public place.  Baylaw, LLC does that work at a competitive flat rate.

2) Abandoned boats: This is a good option if the owner is unknown or will not respond or if the boat has no value.  Owner can be forced to claim the boat or lose title.  For higher value .

3) Maritime arrest: this is a good option for a higher value claim or where the marina or maritime business does not have possession of the boat.  If a bill is unpaid, an arrest can be done in any jurisdiction where the boat can be found.

4) Sue for damages: This is another option if the boat is no longer in the hands of the marine business and is especially effective if the owner of the vessel is known and has assets.

If you need assistance with collecting a debt concerning a boat, please contact Dirk Schwenk at 410 775 6805 or