Admirality and Maritime Law

At Baylaw, LLC we have a tradition of working on maritime cases and boat related issues – a tradition that draws from years and years spent in boats on the water.  We do not do every type maritime issue, however, there are others more qualified to litigate issues relating to ocean cargo or the Jones Act.  Here are some the things that we focus on:

Recreational and Commercial Vessel Transactions

Our attorneys have worked with numerous recreational and commercial vessel purchasers and sellers as well as marine lenders,  brokers and insurance agents over the years to successfully close hundreds of recreational and commercial vessel transactions.  We have the facilities and knowledge to draft all appropriate purchase contracts and documentation to ensure a smooth experience for all parties.  We also provide advice on how to minimize tax on boat purchase.

Captain and Crew Contracts and Claims

The attorneys at Baylaw, LLC have represented shipowners,  captains and crew members over the years and have gained tremendous experience in the potential pitfalls and liabilities of all parties involved in the shipowner-crew relationship. Our attorneys can assist with the creation to limited liability companies and the drafting of captains contracts to ensure that liability is mitigated before the captain steps onboard.  Our firm is also well-suited to prosecute and defend Jones Act unseaworthiness and maintenance and cure claims against vessel owners and operators.

Marinas and Boatyards

Baylaw, LLC assists its clients who operate marinas and boatyards  by serving as general counsel for the myriad of esoteric issues that arise in the daily operation of these businesses.  Beyond drafting  dockage and storage agreements, we have dealt with zoning and environmental compliance matters, products liability matters and repairer’s liability issues.  Our attorneys are also prepared to answer questions and resolve issues dealing with the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Act and the Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act.

Recreational Marine Litigation and Insurance Coverage

Our attorneys have a broad base of experience in the investigation, reconstruction, prosecution and defense of recreational boating casualties and claims. Representative cases include collisions, groundings, sinkings, fires, wake injuries and heavy weather casualties, which resulted in wrongful death, serious personal injury or significant property damage.  Our attorneys have the skill, knowledge and experience to properly investigate and reconstruct recreational boating accidents in order to be able to provide a skillful prosecution or defense of such claims.  We have litigated coverage issues under most of the major policies, and have been successful in getting coverage for our clients for denied claims.