Business Formation and Representation

Businesses, new and old, large and small, need legal assistance.   The team at Baylaw, LLC can assist with your business at every turn, from formation of the entity that is going to conduct the business, to the establishment of the operating agreement that will govern the interrelation between the owners, to ongoing advice and representation once the business is up and running.

We can provide prudent and experienced advice regarding the advantages and disadvantages of every business type from large corporation to single-person limited liability companies.  The attorneys at Baylaw, LLC will ensure that your future and assets are protected and that any potential liability is mitigated from the beginning.

We have formed and served as general counsel for numerous marine, waterfront, non-profit and other businesses in the Chesapeake Bay region.  If you are interested in starting a business or would like some advice on how to further protect your ongoing business please contact one of our experienced attorneys.