Documentation and Registration Services

Baylaw, LLC provides documentation and registration services for boats, yachts and ships, including boats registered and titled in a state of the United States or documented with the United States Coast Guard. All applications are reviewed by an attorney.

These are estimates – and do not include drafting of the purchase contract or other specialty documents.

$1000 for privately owned non-commercial vessels registered or documented in the United States 75 feet or under.

$800 (plus any fees imposed by the registering state or local resident agent) for set up a limited liability corporation in a state of the United States to own the vessel

We also provide international flagging services and corporate set up including the British Virgin Islands, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands and many other jurisdictions.

$1200 (plus costs any fees imposed by the registration agency) for privately owned non-commercial vessels flagged in the Western Hemisphere.

$1200 (plus costs imposed by local correspondents) for set up of foreign corporation to own the yacht, ship or vessel (corporation to have no more than 2 directors).

Other services can be quoted on a flat or hourly basis.

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