Merchant Processing Solutions

Here at Baylaw, LLC, we have come to represent many small businesses that have been sued by Merchant Processing Solutions in Annapolis, Maryland.   MPS has admitted in Court to being Merchant Processing Solutions, Inc., but it seems to always file suit without properly identifying its corporate existence.   From the many files we have reviewed, it appears that MPS generally does not have a proper contract with the businesses that it sues and that it regularly claims fees and late charges to which it does not have a legal right.   In most cases we have reviewed, MPS has attempted to collect charges that might be due to iPayments, Sage Processing Solutions or some other third party.  With representation, the Court should deny judgment for such claims.

If you have been sued by MPS and you would like to discuss representation, please contact J. Dirk Schwenk at or 410-775-6805.   We generally provide a defense for a flat rate.   Please contact us as soon as possible so that we can make sure that the proper papers are filed to provide a full defense.

If you choose to represent yourself, and you are unsuccessful, we may still be able to help you since the appeal from a small claims action is a new trial in the Circuit Court.  Also, if you choose to file a Notice of Intent to Defend without retaining us, we recommend that you on the explanation of your defense you put “Require proof of all claims,” as that will let the Court know that you dispute all aspects of the case.